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PoeInternational:We are your friendly branding company. We join create your dream brand with the assistance of our branding experts from different discipline such as brand design, strategy, marketing and advertising. For years now we have assisted brands create their distinct identity, helping our clients with strategies that make them stand out and helps them drive sales traffic as well as business growth.

Our Mission

To create, inspire and support brands to build and maintain their correct image.... Let's use this more now.

Our Vision

As a Branding, Strategy and Advertising company, our vision is to become the engine of every local and international company and also a pace setter in the cooperate world.

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Brand Friendship

We go beyond just creating brands and catalysing ideas, we connect with our clients beyond business to solve even more problems concerning thier brands /business.



We love to educate, we love to share knowledge and information about everything branding and tech through our regular international training platform. We have remained the number in giving value, this has made up to stay ahead of our competition.


Coperate Social Responsibility

We believe everyone has something to give back to the society, we partner with NGOs and government organisations to carry out all manner of activities to help and develop youth as well as the society at large.


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Graphic Design

Because we believe that good design is a language not a style, we craft visually stunning interfaces that unites ideas with designs, to bring ideas to life, creating designs that build your business, making engaging, purposeful and creative experiences that announce your presence and creating the brand you desire.

Web design

Your Web Site is your client convincing point in your business. A well crafted relative Site helps your clients understand what you seem to offer, how good you are and how trust worthy your brand is. Poe International helps your company develop the best customized interface that suits and defines your company and also makes it user friendly.

UI and UX

Products and ideas can thrive in a highly competitive market if its well presented in such a way that it can transfer such a complete sense of deep user experience and proper interface. Be it a raw idea for application, website and tangible products or services. The best choice is to hire competent UI and UX developers and of course you are already here, lets do it.


We run a marketing assistance to help boost publicity for our clients. A well crated content and design or video is not complete if it doesn’t get to its right target market. Poe Tv is created to help stand as an Advert Spot where different brand content can be shown to the general public.

Motion Art/Graphics(Video Montage)

Motion graphics is one of the most effective ways to communicate brand story and brand mind share. Poe International helps you create a well reasoned, formulated and styled motion advert to help interpret the brand message to the target audience it wishes to reach.


Quality printing can help your business make a lasting impression on your customers and clients. And also in other to spare out clients the stress of running around for their printing material, getting disappointed and getting a bad job done, we’ve decided to take off that stress from you by handling all your printing materials by ourselves. We offer top quality in prints and quick service delivery.


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